Finally it’s my (Lina’s) turn to blog


This is Lina writing better be quick. Emil usually does all the blogging from his iPhone but now I found this computer. Yesterday my parents couldn’t resist to go for a swim in the ocean any longer. The surf was high and exiting and they were stupid enough to go into that freezing water but it wasn’t for too long.

Today my parents took me for a ride in the mountains on this tiny windy road with a speed limit of 80 km/h while our camper van was struggling going uphill at 30. After that Emil were stupid enough to challenge the van to go up the world’s steepest residential street (19 degrees). I refused and forced Hanna to carry me to the top instead. Emil confessed he was a bit stressed going uphill with Emma cheering in the back seat but they actually made it, even if it was a close call at the steepest part and the engine and brakes did smell burnt after the return. After all the excitement I felt for a nap while Hanna was carrying me around shopping around in Dunedin.

Gotta go, now my dad says it’s bed time and that I shouldn’t be playing around with computers for another few years. Yeah right, like I’m listening to that old man.

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2 thoughts on “Finally it’s my (Lina’s) turn to blog

  1. Hej på er där nere, det verkar som ni har det rätt okey och jag hoppas ni får ha det så även framgent. Har ni sett några puhutakawaträd som blommar än, NZ:s vackra juleträd?Ha de gott!KramStephan

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