No Mount Cook and Christchurch in bits and pieces


Dad thinks I’m sleeping so now I (Emma) have taken control of his iPhone. It was really sad to leave Dunedin behind, I wish every city would have a chocolate factory where you can eat as much chocolate as you want. In the car I’m quite happy singing and painting, chewing away on my carrots and bananas. If I’m bored enough I just tell my parents to stop the car and hopefully they give me a small sweet keeping me happy for another 30 minutes. They try to find fun toys for Lina as well but her favourite one is our dish washing brush which keeps her busy for quite some time.

My parents wanted to see this Mount Cook which apparently is the the highest down here and after a long drive getting closer the rain started bad and you couldn’t see a thing. It cleared enough to see some mountains but not the highest one. At night it started to snow as well and it was freezing in the camper. I always keep warm but Lina doesn’t like it and wakes up a lot keeping my parents awake while I’m sound asleep. The next day the rain continued and we never got to see the mountain. Leaving the mountain range behind the weather cleared up after just 5 minutes driving but a vail of clouds concealed the mountains behind.

Then we came to this family in Christchurch with two twins just five days younger than me. We soon became best friends riding bikes, feeding the ducks, singing and having baths together. There father Richard travelled and was tent buddy with Emil in the Middle East. Christchurch was hit bad by earthquakes during the last year and the city and population has suffered quite bad. There was not much to see in the centre of town since all was closed down and much has or will be demolished. But they still had many play grounds to keep me busy. The slides are now my favourite and not the swings any more. We now have left our green camper van behind which we all miss and we’re now continuing our journey in a car.

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One thought on “No Mount Cook and Christchurch in bits and pieces

  1. Vilket underbart äventyr ni är ute på ! Fantastiska bilder och filmer. Snart dags för hemfärd väl. Bakgrunden, den blå, gör det tyvärr mycket svårt att läsa texten i bloggen. I alla fall för oss över 40 haha. Må väl !

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